Energy Management

Energy management aims to reduce the cost of energy in buildings without compromising on comfort. The primary goal of energy management tools is to support Facility and Energy Managers in achieving high performance across their buildings and estates.

Sirus provides consultancy and project management for energy driven projects, with particular emphasis on the building services area which is our core expertise. Building energy optimisation is achieved by refining the operation of existing plant and the installation of energy efficient equipment where necessary. Our service includes…


Energy monitoring is an essential element of all building energy management programmes.
Sirus provide tailored metering, monitoring and targeting energy management systems.


An in-depth review of building services plant, controls systems and energy consumption data will establish the baseline performance of a building or facility and identify opportunities for energy, CO2 and cost savings.


Building optimisation will initially focus on establishing control of energy consumption using existing plant. As energy savings are established, investment can be made in the upgrade to new energy efficient equipment.


Clear & concise energy management reports show specific areas of cost and energy savings through the lifecycle of a project. Ongoing monitoring & maintenance highlight further energy savings opportunities.

Energy Management

Sirus provide building energy management through the optimisation of HVAC and BMS systems.

We believe that energy-efficient, healthy buildings are within reach for all types of organizations. It is technically feasible to achieve much higher levels of energy performance in buildings with existing technologies and it is also very cost-effective.

Where suitable, Sirus can provide clients with an Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) solution. Through an ESPC, Sirus provide a portion or all of the capital project financing required to deliver the project. The resulting savings are then shared by the client to finance the project over a fixed term.

Energy Expertise

Sirus Energy Team brings an independent level of energy expertise in the consultancy and design of innovative energy management solutions, whilst also leveraging the skill sets of BMS division.

We pride ourselves on developing innovative energy solutions for new and retrofit installations in the areas of heat recovery, thermodynamics and renewable energy heat pump systems.

We are proud to have been associated with prestigious projects, such as the award-winning Combined Heating and Cooling Heat Pump System in UCC Glucksman Gallery, designed by Dr Paul Sikora.


Sirus has always invested in new ideas and looked at future-proofing the Sirus Group through many initiatives.

OPNBuildings is an innovative cloud-based data analytics product. It provides building and estate management solutions that help companies improve their operations and achieve greater building comfort, enhanced HVAC system performance, reduced energy consumption and increased equipment reliability.

Sirus has also developed patented technology that is used to recover energy from the natural gas distribution grid. This innovative technology has worldwide applications.

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