Building Management System for University Estates

The physical environment in schools and universities can play a major role in academic performance. Studies show that better air quality in lecture theatres and classrooms can improve cognitive function and increase teacher and staff productivity.

Efficient Facility Management

In educational establishments, services need to be flexible to satisfy the varied occupancy patterns of students and staff. Alongside this, a campus will likely have several disparate sites, each requiring control and maintenance, and particular buildings, for example, IT rooms and laboratories, that have specific heating and ventilation needs.

Sirus can enable you to attain a healthy indoor climate and efficient facility management in your educational buildings using HVAC, BMS and the necessary sensors.

Building Management System for University Estates

A suitable Building Management System for University Estates & Facilities will enable disparate sites to be managed from a central point to help improve building and energy performance, reduce manpower requirements and provide greater comfort for occupants.

Sirus UK understands the importance of managing costs across a campus and that the ultimate goal is to get the balance between a healthy indoor climate and energy efficiency. We can help you to future-proof your campus with a customised Building Energy Management System.

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